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Experience Wellness Through Yoga

Are you looking to find health and harmony through the practice of yoga? Hillsborough, NJ individuals and families can achieve the active wellness their bodies and minds deserve at HRC Fitness. Group exercise classes let members practice yoga and other activities in a positive, supportive environment, so it is easier than ever to get started.

Today’s busy world often leaves little time to release stress and replenish energy. Our yoga classes offer you an opportunity to focus your thoughts and your movements through a series of poses and breathing exercises directed by an experienced instructor. Sessions are held at various times of the day for typically 4 days per week and  include brief segments that concentrate on relaxation and meditation, which are excellent for winding down from a long day or preparing to face a challenging week.

The ancient practice of yoga is also a superb resource for boosting physical health. Its low impact poses and movements are a gentle but effective way to inspire positive changes in your body. Use it as a stand-alone workout, or incorporate it into your overall activity routine at HRC Fitness.

With regular practice, yoga has a lot of proven health benefits, including

  • Stress Management
  • Flexibility
  • Core Strength
  • Posture
  • Balance
  • Cardio Health

HRC FitnessWe are committed to nurturing wellness throughout our community in Somerset County, NJ. Our classes are scheduled in a variety of different time slots in both the morning and evening to best accommodate our members. We offer different skill levels of yoga to allow both beginner and more advanced practitioners to find what works best for them. We even teach sessions of yoga courses designed for kids so they can start taking advantage of its numerous benefits now! Unlimited group exercise classes are included in your membership benefits, so drop by a yoga class convenient to you and find out how yoga can improve your fitness lifestyle.

If looking to expand their fitness routine with yoga, Hillsborough, NJ residents can take advantage of the accessible classes at HRC Fitness.

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