Joe Rogan’s Ice Bath and Cold Plunge Tub

Joe Rogan swears by his BlueCube Cold Plunge Tub. It’s part of his daily routine aimed at a nervous system reset, inflammation reduction, and dopamine level boost. This tub, ideal for people up to 6’5″ and 350+ lbs, uses a chemical-free sanitation system. Comparatively, Rogan prefers the BlueCube to the Morozko for its superior cleanliness and intense cold plunge. Chat of his experiences and health benefits often pop up in his podcast. Want to know more about these tubs or why Rogan prefers the BlueCube’s chilly plunge? There’s plenty more where this came from!

BlueCube in the JRE Studio

Stepping into Joe Rogan’s JRE Studio, you’re bound to notice the BlueCube, a demonstration of Rogan’s unwavering commitment to cold plunge therapy. This isn’t just a passing interest for Rogan; it’s a daily routine that he’s been following for years. If you’re a fan of his podcast, you’ve heard him talk about it. If you follow him on social media, you’ve seen him in action, fearlessly immersing himself in ice-cold water for 20 minutes at a time, all in the name of health and wellbeing.

But why is Rogan so obsessed with this form of therapy? The benefits he espouses are numerous, from resetting the nervous system and reducing inflammation to grounding oneself in the present moment. Not to mention, it’s a reliable way to increase dopamine levels by 2.5 times. It’s an extreme form of self-care that Rogan swears by, and he’s not alone. Many athletes and wellness enthusiasts have also embraced cold plunging for its potential therapeutic effects.

That being said, Rogan doesn’t endorse reckless behavior. He cautions against attempting to endure uncontrollable shaking while in the ice bath, as it can lead to hypothermia or a dangerous drop in body temperature. Instead, he urges individuals to listen to their bodies and adjust their tolerance levels accordingly.

The presence of the BlueCube in Rogan’s studio serves as a tangible reminder of his dedication to this practice. It’s a confirmation of his belief in the power of cold exposure, and his willingness to push his body to its limits in the pursuit of peak health.

Joe Rogan’s Cold Plunge Tub and Ice Bath Features

Delving into the specifics of Rogan’s cold plunge tub and ice bath, it’s apparent that they offer a plethora of features designed for convenience and efficiency. Highly versatile, these units can cool water to temperatures ranging from 37°- 60° degrees, providing an invigorating experience without the hassle of ice or setup times. That’s right, you won’t need to fill bags of ice or wait for the tub to reach the right temperature.

The systems include a 20 Micron Filter, ensuring that the water you plunge into is clean and pure. Furthermore, they feature ozone chemical-free sanitation, a reflection of the commitment to maintaining a health-focused environment. These tubs are designed to run 24/7, always ready for you and your family, making it an effortlessly integrated part of your daily routine.

These tubs are also impressively inclusive, accommodating individuals up to 6’5′ and 350+ lbs. Whether you’re a regular-sized Joe or a larger-than-life athlete, these tubs are designed to accommodate you.

Energy efficiency is another key feature of Rogan’s cold plunge tub and ice bath, operating with the same efficiency as a refrigerator. This indicates a mindful approach towards energy consumption, reducing your environmental impact without sacrificing your cold plunge experience.

To top it off, these tubs come with a 5-year warranty, complete with a support service to match, ensuring a worry-free experience. Additionally, a 30-day money-back guarantee is offered, giving you the confidence to try it out.

In a nutshell, Rogan’s cold plunge tub and ice bath are packed with features that prioritize convenience, efficiency, and health.

BlueCube Vs. Morozko

When comparing the BlueCube and Morozko ice baths that Joe Rogan uses, it’s clear that each offers unique features and benefits, depending on the user’s needs and context. Rogan has a BlueCube in his studio and a Morozko Prism Forge at home. The main difference? BlueCube baths are commercially capable, while Morozko’s are not.

Sure, Morozko prides itself on making ice, but this can be unsanitary as ice can’t circulate through filtration and ozonation. Plus, you can’t cold plunge back-to-back in a Morozko due to low circulation. The water heats up from just one person’s cold plunge. In a commercial setting, like a wellness spa or gym, this means you’ll need a 15-minute cooldown period between ice baths.

On the other hand, with a BlueCube, you won’t experience downtime. Thanks to high flow rates, the water is always cold and clean. This makes it ideal for commercial use where multiple people need to use the bath in quick succession.

Podcast Mentions

Throughout his many podcast episodes, Joe Rogan often mentions his experiences with ice baths, particularly the differences he’s noticed between the BlueCube and Morozko setups. He shares insights into how these cold plunge tubs have become an essential part of his fitness regimen and wellness routine, comparing the nuances of each product.

Rogan has pointed out that the BlueCube is more intense than the Morozko. This isn’t about aesthetics or brand reputation, but the actual physical impact of the cold immersion. He notes a distinct difference in the movement of water, with the BlueCube providing a more extreme, chilling experience.

In his discussions, you’ll find:

  • Rogan’s preference for the BlueCube due to its more intense cold plunge.
  • His observation on the different movement of water in both setups.
  • How these experiences have shaped his daily wellness routine.

Analyzing Rogan’s comments, it’s clear that he values the sensory and physiological effects of his cold plunges. The BlueCube, with its harsher temperatures and unique water movement, seems to offer a more robust experience that aligns with Rogan’s preference for intense, challenging routines.

On the other hand, the Morozko, although less intense, may still suit those who prefer a gentler cold plunge. However, Rogan’s commentary tends to lean towards the BlueCube, suggesting that he finds the more extreme cold immersion more beneficial.


To sum up, if you’re courageous enough to embrace the cold, Joe Rogan’s cold plunge tub and ice bath are worth exploring. With features like continuous cold water flow and no need for ice, they offer an intriguing, albeit intense, health regimen.

However, remember Rogan’s advice: don’t push past uncontrollable shaking. Whether you choose the BlueCube or Morozko, you’re venturing into a world that’s not for the faint-hearted.

Take the plunge, if you dare.