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BOOST Cafe and Shakes

Visit our full service cafe and shake bar!

BOOST Café and Shakes offers all natural and nutritious shakes, coffees and teas, and other wholesome snacks to members of the Club and community to provide the perfect nutritional component to round out their workouts and meet their wellness goals.

BOOST offers great tasting, healthy shakes and snacks to accommodate our clients’ busy lifestyles. These shakes ensure that at least one meal a day is filled with nutrient-rich, wholesome foods. We’ve been able to make this happen using 100% Crushed Fruit and Veggies, real dark chocolate and coffee, not to mention only 100% natural rBGH hormone free Protein. In fact, ALL products are free of all artificial ingredients, synthetic sweeteners and trans-fats AND they are about 70% Organic! In addition, we’ve taken great care in choosing our ingredients and developing our operations so we can offer healthy and wholesome shakes and snacks to those clients with food allergies.

Whether looking for a meal replacement or just a healthy grab-n-go snack, BOOST Café and Shakes offers total nutrition to everyone from kids & teens to the Silver Sneakers crowd. All shakes are available in size large and small.

In a rush? Order and pay for your shake before you start your workout and we’ll have it ready for you when you’re ready! 908-359-3600.


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Which Shake Should I Buy Based On MY Workout?

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Healthy Snacks for sale at BOOST:

-Coffee & Tea: $1.00 for Small, Medium, or Large
-Water: $1.00
-Gatorade & Brisk Iced Tea: $1.50
-Popcorn: $1.50
-EasyMac Macaroni and Cheese: $2.00
-Pop Chips, Veggie Straws, Pirates Booty: $1.50 each
-KIND Bars: $2.50
-Quest Bars: $3.00


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    BOOST Cafe and Shakes

    Serving all-natural Meal Replacement and Recovery Shakes as well as Coffee and light snacks.

    Enjoy 25% off large sized shakes at BOOST every Friday between 4-7pm.
    Enjoy 25% off large sized shakes at BOOST every Sunday, all day!



    Redeemable at BOOST Cafe and Shakes, or at HRC Fitness towards Temporary Memberships, Personal/Small Group Training, Swimming Lessons, Kid’s Programs, Racquetball Instruction, and items at our Pro Shop.

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