Blue Cube Cold Plunge Review

Cold water immersion therapy, commonly known as cold plunging, has gained popularity due to its myriad health benefits, including reduced inflammation, enhanced recovery, and increased dopamine levels. Blue Cube, a pioneering brand in this space, offers a range of cold plunge tubs that cater to different needs and preferences. This article delves into the specific features of each Blue Cube model and compares them to help potential buyers make an informed decision.

Overview of Blue Cube Cold Plunge Tubs

Blue Cube cold plunge tubs are designed with both personal and commercial capabilities, featuring robust construction, precise temperature control, and ergonomic designs. Each model is equipped with a powerful chilling motor, efficient filtration systems, and is made from durable materials like 304 stainless steel and weatherproof Line-X exteriors. The tubs vary in size and features, making them suitable for a variety of spaces and user requirements.

CoreChill¹ Cold Plunge Tub

The CoreChill¹ is the entry-level model ideal for individuals or small settings. It features a single-speed 1/15 HP pool grade circulating pump and a standard 1 HP commercial chiller, ensuring the water temperature can be maintained between 37° to 70°F. This model is perfect for those new to cold plunging, offering essential features in a compact form.

CoreChill³ Cold Plunge Tub

Stepping up, the CoreChill³ includes all the features of the CoreChill¹ but adds a three-speed therapy pump, allowing for adjustable water flow rates. This model is suited for users looking for more control over their cold therapy experience, providing the flexibility to adjust the intensity of the cold exposure.

CoreChill³ Elite Cold Plunge Tub

The CoreChill³ Elite is the premium model in the Blue Cube lineup. It offers enhanced features such as an optional 1.5 HP chiller upgrade for more robust temperature control and larger tub dimensions (available in 5.5 ft and 6 ft lengths). This model is designed for those who prioritize full immersion and the highest level of performance, making it ideal for both personal luxury and high-volume commercial use.

Modular and Custom Series

For those requiring specific dimensions or features, Blue Cube offers modular and custom options. These allow for greater customization in terms of size, materials, and additional features like hybrid Line-X exteriors with wooden decks for outdoor use. These models are particularly attractive for commercial facilities or users with unique space requirements.

Comparison and Suitability

When comparing these models, it’s crucial to consider your specific needs:

  • Size and Space: The CoreChill¹ and CoreChill³ are more compact and suitable for limited spaces, while the Elite and Modular versions offer more spacious plunges.
  • Temperature and Control: If precise temperature control and higher flow rates are important, the Elite model with its three-speed pump and optional stronger chiller is the best choice.
  • Usage Frequency: For high-frequency use, especially in commercial settings, the Elite and Modular models are designed to withstand heavy use without compromising performance.

Joe Rogan’s Ice Bath and Cold Plunge Tub by BlueCube

Joe Rogan, an influential podcaster and fitness enthusiast, has been an avid proponent of cold plunge therapy, integrating it into his daily wellness routine for years. His use of the BlueCube Ice Bath in both his podcast studio and personal gym illustrates his commitment to this form of hormetic stress.

In his professional setup, Rogan utilizes the BlueCube Cold Plunge Tub, specifically the In-Line 50 JRE Edition with a wenge deck, which offers the capability of cooling to temperatures between 37°-60°F. This unit is equipped with a 20 Micron Filter and ozone sanitation, ensuring the water is clean and free of chemicals, and can accommodate individuals up to 6’5″ and 350+ lbs. The system’s energy efficiency and continuous operation make it ideal for back-to-back use without the need for ice or lengthy setup times.

Rogan has used both the BlueCube and Morozko ice baths, noting significant differences between them. The BlueCube’s commercial capabilities and high flow rates allow for continuous, uninterrupted use, which is crucial in a busy setting like his podcast studio. On the other hand, the Morozko units, while capable of making ice for cold plunging, lack the necessary circulation to maintain consistent temperatures with back-to-back use, leading to increased downtime between sessions.

Integration in the JRE Studio

The presence of a BlueCube Ice Bath next to a Salus Sauna in the JRE studio forms a full contrast therapy center, offering guests the opportunity to engage in cold plunging before, during, or after their podcast sessions. This setup not only provides physical benefits but also enhances the overall guest experience, making it a unique feature of Rogan’s podcasting environment.

About Blue Cube

Blue Cube is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation in the field of cold plunge tubs. Each unit is manufactured in-house with high-grade materials and cutting-edge technology. The company is also noted for its excellent customer service, offering detailed consultations and after-sales support to ensure users can maximize the benefits of their cold plunge.

Personal Experience with the CoreChill³ Elite

From the start, the process of integrating the CoreChill³ Elite into my daily routine was seamless, thanks to the detailed instructions and support from Blue Cube’s customer service. The installation was straightforward, and I opted for the white glove installation service, which I highly recommend for those who prefer a hassle-free setup.

Daily Use and Functionality

Using the CoreChill³ Elite has become a pivotal part of my daily wellness routine. I typically use the plunge tub in the morning to kickstart my day with an invigorating cold plunge that really wakes me up better than any cup of coffee ever could. The adjustable three-speed therapy pump allows me to customize the intensity of the water flow, which is particularly useful depending on how I feel that day or how intense my workout was the night before.

The ability to maintain a consistent temperature is crucial for effective cold therapy, and the CoreChill³ Elite excels in this area. Whether I’m looking for a mild cool down at 60°F or a more intense cold plunge at the lower end of 37°F, the temperature control is precise and reliable, thanks to its powerful chilling unit.

Maintenance and Durability

One of my initial concerns about purchasing a cold plunge tub was the maintenance. However, the CoreChill³ Elite has been surprisingly easy to maintain. The filtration system, which includes a 20 Micron Filter Cartridge and ozone sanitation, ensures the water remains clean and clear with minimal effort. The tub’s materials are durable and weatherproof, making it suitable for long-term use without concerns about wear and tear.

Health Benefits Observed

Since incorporating cold plunging into my routine, I’ve noticed several significant benefits. Firstly, my recovery times from workouts have improved noticeably. Muscle soreness and inflammation are much less pronounced, allowing me to train more frequently and with greater intensity. Additionally, the mental clarity and energy boost that follows each plunge are palpable. It’s a refreshing start to the day that also seems to improve my mood and stress levels.

My Experience with Blue Cube

Every morning, as part of my routine, I start with a cold plunge that lasts about five to ten minutes. This practice has not only become a ritual to wake up my body but also to set a tone of resilience and vigor for the day. Over time, I’ve experimented with different temperatures and settings depending on my needs—lower temperatures for post-workout recovery and slightly higher for days when I need a gentler start.

The customization features of the CoreChill³ Elite are particularly beneficial. The adjustable flow rate means that I can choose how intense the water movement is, which significantly affects the cold exposure experience. On days when I feel more adventurous or need an extra push, I set it to a higher flow rate to really challenge my body’s thermal adaptation.

Based on my experience, I would recommend the Blue Cube CoreChill³ Elite to anyone interested in exploring the benefits of cold water immersion. Whether you’re an athlete looking for better recovery, someone interested in boosting mental clarity, or just looking to add a refreshing new element to your daily routine, this model is a solid choice. It’s not an over-the-top endorsement, but rather a recognition of the genuine benefits and high-quality design that the CoreChill³ Elite offers.

In conclusion, the Blue Cube Cold Plunge Tub has been a valuable addition to my wellness regimen. It’s an investment in health that pays off in terms of both physical recovery and mental rejuvenation. While it’s certainly a commitment, for those interested in the proven benefits of cold therapy, the CoreChill³ Elite is worth considering.

Maintenance Insights

Another aspect of the CoreChill³ Elite that has impressed me is the ease of maintenance. Initially, I had reservations about the complexity of keeping a cold plunge tub clean and functioning optimally. However, the built-in filtration and sanitation systems have made this surprisingly straightforward. The ozone sanitation keeps the water free from bacteria without the need for harsh chemicals, which is a huge plus for me, considering my sensitive skin.

Every few weeks, a quick check and clean of the filter cartridge is all it takes to keep everything running smoothly. The design allows easy access to the components, so I don’t need to spend much time or effort in upkeep.

Reflecting on Health Improvements

From a health perspective, the benefits have been multifaceted. The most noticeable change has been in my post-exercise recovery. Incorporating a cold plunge after intense workouts has dramatically reduced muscle soreness and fatigue. This allows me to maintain a more consistent training schedule without the interruptions of prolonged recovery periods.

Mentally, the cold plunges have instilled a discipline and mental toughness that seeps into other areas of my life. The initial shock of cold water is a challenge each morning, but overcoming it daily has built a mental resilience that I find invaluable in facing other challenges throughout the day.


Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, a health professional, or simply looking to enhance your wellness routine, Blue Cube has a cold plunge tub to suit your needs. By understanding the unique features and capabilities of each model, you can select a tub that best fits your lifestyle and wellness goals, ensuring you reap the maximum benefits of cold water therapy.